Our goal is to print your electronic files for optimum color and density, with excellent shadow and highlight detail.
Here is how it works, send us five different files and we will produce one 8x10 from each.
Upon receipt of the prints, we will ask you to critique them for us. This will allow Pro Photo to provide you with unequaled print services with each future order you place.
You will receive one 8x10 print for each image to be analyzed, for a total of up to five. In the bottom corner of each 8x10 print will be an inset containing a picture of the original unedited file without any density or color correction. Please see Figure 1 below.
figure 1
Figure 1
Use full image to adjust monitor
To continue using our uploading application, please click on the submit files link below. Please be sure to fill in the My Information window before submitting your images so that we may associate your images with your studio on your free file evaluation.
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