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Pro Photo Imaging

Past to Present

James H. Cheyne founded Pro Photo Imaging in Lakeland, Florida. Mr. Cheyne worked in a local studio for some time honing his skill as a professional photographer and developer.  During this time he developed a keen interest for photography and print enlarging which led him to open a lab for professional photographers.

Mr Cheyne founder

Circa 1950 (est)

The original lab was opened in 1923.  It was located in a converted chicken coop with only a single enlarger and a few trays of chemicals.  It was financially backed by a $25.00 cash gift from his aunt.  The business continued to grow at this location for about a year, and then it moved to a two-room house. This two-room facility was eventually replaced in 1943 with four abandoned World War II Army Barracks which Mr. Cheyne attached to his home. The first developing tanks that were used in this facility were constructed using cedar wood frames and tar lining. This was the beginning of a truly monumental effort to enter the professional film developing industry.  As the industry grew and developed, so did Pro Photo.  Mr. Cheyne focused on using new automated technology to produce black & white prints.  Pro Photo Imaging was one of the first automated processing laboratories in the nation.  To ensure consistent tone and quality, Pro Photo utilized density contolled printing devices and continuous roll paper processing. 

In 1957 Pro Photo Imaging moved into a new plant.  At this time, Mr. Cheyne began to guide the business into the new color processing industry.  This would expand the product offering from Pro Photo Imaging to include more than traditional black & white products.  Eastman Kodak was introducing automated color printing to our industry and they invited five labs across the country to attend their technical training seminars.  Pro Photo Imaging was one of the labs that Kodak chose to invite to take advantage of this new technology. 

Pro Photo certainly has come a long way from the time when its plant was operated out of four vintage World War II Army Barracks.  Today the lab is located in a modern 25,000 square foot facility built specifically for photo processing.  Our team continues to strive to find new ways to serve our customers.

We lost Mr. Cheyne in 1994.  Today two of his sons, Homer and Jim own the business.  Another son, Bob was part of the business until his passing in 1999.  
In closing, we are pleased to inform you that the values that were established by our founder in 1923 are still guiding us today as we begin our 86th year of dedicated service to the professional photographer.  Join our family of professional photographers and we look forward to working with you in the future, and wish you the very best as you continue to grow and prosper in this exciting and ever-changing industry.  "Go where the Pro's go."